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Who We Are

The Foundation is a community volunteer group comprised of adults and students that supports excellence in all WW-P schools through the funding of teacher grants, innovative programs and strategic initiatives.

How We Make A Difference

Since 1995, we have awarded over $340,000 for unique programs across the curriculum and at every grade level. These successful programs include experiential learning, in-classroom learning tools and interactive projects.


• Excellence in Education grants

– Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) grants that provide hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom

– Art grants that encourage artistic and creative talents

– Literacy grants that have significantly raised language, reading, and writing skills, including
those for at-risk readers

• Special Programs

– Grants to the WW-P Regional School district that fund grade or district wide programs such as equipment for the high school engineering fabrication lab, mobile planetarium for 3rd grade students and an interactive poetry study for 8th and 10th grade students

Youth Committee

• A dynamic group of middle and high school volunteer students who learn valuable skills in leadership, project management and teamwork

• Contribute to the mission of the foundation as an integral
part of the annual fundraising goals

To learn more, visit our website at

How We Are Funded

The WW-P Education Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that is 100% funded by private individual and business tax deductible donations, corporate grants, the WW-P’s Got Talent! Show, the inaugural innovation fair and the STAR teacher recognition program.

Making a Difference in Today’s Classroom